education centers


Busy school days with no time to be out of service? Polyzos Painting and Remodeling will accommodate to your schedule!


Busy classrooms, hallways, dorms, and restrooms that can’t afford to be temporarily out of service? Don’t worry with Polyzos Painting and Remodeling’s years of expertise, your students and faculty will barely take notice before each space is completely redone! Our team is fully able to accommodate your schedule and understands that after-hours, summer, holidays, and weekends are the best time to perform full-scale painting for university or school.


Services offered:

  • Full interior painting in classrooms, gymnasiums and auditoriums.

  • Full exterior painting on all surfaces, including stucco, vinyl, wood, and more

  • Façade sealant replacement

  • Caulk and seal crack repairs

  • Tile replacement

  • Full exterior painting on all surfaces, including wood, stucco, vinyl, and more.

  • Full interior including classrooms, gymnasiums, and auditoriums

  • Application of high-durability coatings for lockers, floors, and bathroom partitions