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Provide the dream residence with Polyzos Painting and Remodeling services!


Interested in a fully-rented out condo or apartment building? Polyzos Painting and Remodeling can provide you with the right aesthetic to attract residents to move in. The importance of a great paint job for any large complex is vital as property owners and residents don’t want any fuss and hustle. Our team will take care of the project for you with little to no disruption. Service + quality is what makes Polyzos Painting and Remodeling a leader in the painting industry!


Polyzos Painting and REmodeling Provides:

  • High-quality paints and materials

  • Mess-free, hassle-free painting with minimal disruption

  • Comprehensive interior and exterior painting

  • Apartment turns of any size, location, or volume

  • Effective coordination and communication with property managers, property owners and residents